strategic business consulting montreal

What are the first steps to working with HexaB?

When you contact us, we would have a brief conversation over the phone to understand your business goals, current plan, sales and marketing, operations – to get a broad overview of your business. Based on the results of that conversation – and if we feel we could be a good fit, a meeting would be organized to delve deeper into your specific issues and to further understand your objectives.

Moving forward, we would determine together the best plan of action and time-frame of our partnership, with the details set out in a written contract.

Do you work with very small companies?

Yes, absolutely!  We love working with entrepreneurs. If you have even a little more than just an idea, we can work with you to formulate your business plan, seek funding if necessary and turn your idea into a profitable business.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

How are you compensated?

We are primarily compensated on a per-project basis, however – in specific situations – we work on retainer and, where it makes sense, hourly. During the initial consultation period, we will work together to determine the best pricing model for your company.

Would you like us to contact you? Simply fill out the below and we will be in touch!